Covid-19 Guidelines and Safety

Covid-19 Guidelines and Safety

MTBX’s goal is to keep each rider safe and healthy on the trails and throughout their experience. We follow the most current Covid-19 guidelines and safety protocols recommendations for Santa Clara and San Mateo California counties, to ensure a safe experience for all riders.  We understand that is a parent’s personal decision to enroll their child(ren) to ride with MTBX and we pride ourselves on a highest standard of safety and trail supervision for our riders at all times.

Activity Release of Liability and Medical Consent

MTBX Safety And First Aid Training

  • The transportation vehicle used is supplied with first aid kit and the Instructor/Coach also carries first aid supplies on each ride.
  • All riders must be covered by their medical insurance in order to participate any MTBX programs.
  • Should there be any accident or injury on the trail to a rider, the rider will be given emergency first aid as required and the parents will be notified.
  • The Instructor is trained and certified in CPR, First Aid and Wilderness First Aid.
  • The instructor also holds a California commercial driver’s license.

COVID Masks and Social Distancing Policy

  • We  follow the current local government guidelines for Santa Clara and San Mateo county regarding COVID-19.
  • Riders must carry a mask and will be asked to wear a mask or cloth face covering during transportation.
  • All riders will required to be healthy, fever free in the last 24 hours and have no sign of any infection to participate in any rides.
  • All riders  will have a daily temperature check at arrival.
  • If a rider has a temperature, a fever, weakness, joint pain or any signs of flu symptoms, they will not be allowed to ride on that day. If the ride is for a private or semi-private ride, it will be rescheduled with the Instructor/Coach, based on availability.
  • Masks will be used during transportation by all riders and staff.
  • Social Distancing will be enacted as much as possible on the trails.
  • We provide MTBX transportation to the trail location for each rider as part of the fee.
  • Hand sanitizer is available in the vehicle and on the trails.
  • Transportation vehicles for riders are cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • Masks are not required when riding outside on the trails, but may be worn at the rider’s personal option.
  • Mountain biking by its nature is a “social distancing” sport.  Adequate space will be maintained whenever possible on the trails to maintain social distancing.

Trails Selected For Rides and Air Quality

  • The biking trails for all rides are selected for each session based on the prerogative of the Instructor.
  • Trails are selected based the skills of the riding group and the available access to a specific trail on the day of the session.
  • Due to recent Bay Area fires in the fall of 2020, the Air Quality Index (AQI) is considered for all rides.
  • If needed, rides are cancelled and rebooked if the AQI is out of the safety range.
  • The biking trails and/or pump tracks that will be utilized are typically between a 30 to 50 minutes drive from the pick up and central locations in the Palo Alto areas.
  • Pick up and drop off for the various activities and camps are as stated for the activity.