Mountain Biking Rides For Kids

Mountain Biking Rides For Kids

  1. MTBX provides semi-private and small group mountain biking rides for kids with an expert Director and MTBX staff.   Riders who participate are typically  ages 10 to 15 with skill levels from intermediate to advanced and prior trail riding experience.  Your rider will have a fantastic experience, in an outdoor setting to explore the best trails in the Bay Area, with expert guidance and close trail supervision.

Rides may be booked individually or as a packet.  All rides are are three (3) hours in length after travel time to the mountain biking destination.  Your fee includes door to door pick up and drop off.  Riders are grouped by ability and/or group friendships.  We follow  COVID-19 safety guidelines for all rides.

Mountain biking is an active and fun outdoor sport that helps to build physical strength, increases focus, builds endurance and support confidence building in kids of all ages.  We pride ourselves on providing an excellent experience for each child, according to their ability level.  Contact us for more information!

Fees For Private and Small Group Rides For Kids – Book A ride Here.

  • Riders are supervised and taught by an expert Instructor/Coach and staff.
  • All riders must have their own mountain bikes to participate.
  • 1-2 Riders are $160 per person, per session.
  • 3-5 Riders booked at the same time in one booking are $135 per person, per session.
  • Rides include 3 hours of trail time.
  • Sessions have a maximum of 5 riders.
  • Fee includes one pick-up and drop-off location by the Instructor per session.
  • All bookings once paid are non-refundable.