Adult Mountain Biking

MTBX offers exclusive private and small group rides designed for adult mountain bikers aged 21 and above. Embark on exhilarating journeys through the Bay Area’s captivating trails with our skilled mountain biking coaches. Whether you’re an experienced rider or navigating trails for the first time, we’re dedicated to elevating your stamina, refining your skills, and boosting your confidence on the premier trails of the Bay Area!

Contact us for information about booking an exciting adult ride for an outdoor experience you will not forget!


“My son has been riding with MTBX for a few years now and he’s gotten really good. I use to ride when I was younger but now I’m hesitant to ride…fearing to get hurt! Coach Vince built a riding program for me to help build confidence and get me riding with my boy again. Now we ride every weekend together. 

Palo Alto, CA


“I wanted to due something different, so we booked MTBX for my bachelor party. Definitely a first for them but they were supper supportive and made the riding fun for our group. Even suggesting local breweries and restaurants to check out! 

Menlo Park, CA

Perfect for corporate get togethers, bachelor parties, or just fun! 

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