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Booking and Cancellation Rules
The following are our standing booking and cancellation rules.

  1. Booked rides are non-refundable and only valid for the day the ride was booked. The exceptions to the no-refund policy are:
    • MTBX may cancel a ride due to weather or conditions of a trail. MTBX may offer a make-up date if possible or if not possible (or not desired by the riders), then MTBX will issue a refund for that canceled day.
    • A rider will be able to cancel a ride due to injury or illness.
      MTBX will not be able to schedule a make-up date but instead will give a refund for that day.
  2. Rides booked as a group (receiving a group discount) need to ride as a group on the day the ride was booked.
    If one or more rider(s) cannot make a date booked, those rider(s) forfeits that day. No refund is given to those rider(s) other than for illness or injury as stated above.The remainder of the group will still need to ride on the booked day.

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