Overnight Mountain Biking Camps

Overnight Mountain Biking Camps

Beginning in summer 2021, MTBX now offers the amazing opportunity to experience of overnight mountain biking camps. Overnight camps include daily rides during summer and fall in the very best mountain biking trails in California, Colorado and Utah.  Excursions are weekends or multi day.  Contact us for more information.

  • Our excursion California based summer and fall biking camps are designed for advanced mountain biking riders ages 13 and up who are also comfortable camping outdoors in rugged settings.
  • These excursion camps are organized and supervised by an experienced instructor and expert rider who has ridden and camped in all of the locations previously.
  • Camps include daily mountain biking rides, camping outdoors in tents, cooking meals as a group outdoors, swimming in natural rivers and lakes or soaking in hot springs, with nightly camp fires under the stars.
  • These camps are designed for small groups of advanced riders  who love to mountain bike while they explore the great outdoors!

Requirements For Participants In Overnight Mountain Biking Camps

Participants must be an  advanced level in their mountain biking skills to participate in this program.  Riders will need their own mountain bike, helmet, and riding gear plus appropriate clothing for weather at the time of the camp.  Riders will need a warm sleeping bag, rain gear and outdoor gear.  Tents for sleeping are provided.  Cost includes all meals and snacks that cooked outdoors by the camp participants.

Locations For Overnight Mountain Biking Camps For  2021 Include:

California Mountain Biking Camps –  Weekends (2 days, 2 nights) – June and July

  • Lake Tahoe area, California – advanced riders only, ages 13+.

Photos from Lake Tahoe Summer Camp, Lake Tahoe, California, July 2020

  • Stanislaus area, California – advanced riders only, ages 13+.

Photos from Stanislaus Camp, Yosemite area California, August 2020


Colorado Mountain Biking Camps – Multi-Day  Locations – August and September

  • Durango Area, Colorado – advanced riders only, age 16+.
  • Pagosa Springs area, Colorado – advanced riders only, age 16+.

Photos from Summer Camp, Pagosa Springs and Durango areas, Colordo, August 2020

Utah Mountain Biking Camps  – Multi-Day Locations – October

  • Moab, Utah – advanced riders only, age 21+.

Photos from Fall Camp, Moab Utah, October 2020