Overnight Mountain Biking Camps

Overnight Mountain Biking Camps

MTBX offers the amazing opportunity to experience Overnight Adventure Mountain Biking Camps! These camps include daily rides and camping outdoors during the summer.  Our camps are located in beautiful and unique settings  with amazing mountain biking trails and natural beauty in southern California.  Contact us for more information!

Winter Overnight Camp is December 27, 2021 – January 1, 2022.
All Campers must fill out this application to be considered for an Overnight Camp.

About Overnight Mountain Biking Camps

  • Participants must be at an  intermediate or advanced level in their mountain biking skills to participate in this overnight program. 
  • Riders must also have participated in a minimum of one week of summer camp or a private ride prior in order to qualify for an overnight camp.
  • Campers must also be  very confident and comfortable camping outdoors, away from home and camping in tents in rugged outdoor settings.
  • There is a 4 camper minimum and 10 camper maximum per camp.
  • MTBX overnight camps are in southern California and are designed for advanced mountain biking riders ages 10 and up and who are approved for participation by the Director.  Apply here for an overnight camp

Information About MTBX Overnight Mountain Biking Camps

  • Dates: Winter Overnight Camp is December 27, 2021 – January 1, 2022.
  • Dates: July Overnight Camps – TBA – see dates at this booking link.
  • Camp Locations: TBA – contact us for more information.
  • Fees: See booking link for costs of upcoming Overnight Camps.
  • Includes: Transportation to and from the location.
  • Meals: Fee includes 3 meals daily, eaten in local restaurants cooked at the campsite, water, beverages  and snacks.
  • Trails: Many trails selected are full day rides. They can last up to 5-8 hours on the trail ranging from 8 – 20 miles and 2,000 – 3,500 feet elevation gain.
  • Shorter rides are also scheduled with activities so that no one gets burnt out.
  • Additional outdoor activities include: jump parks, swimming, group activities, etc.
  • Supervision: Expert camp and trail supervision is provided by the experienced MTBX Director and staff.
  • Departure Time and Location: Campers depart about 10 am return by about 10 pm.  The location of departure is in the Palo Alto area for drop off and pick up and will be advised on registration.

About MTBX Overnight Mountain Biking Camps

  • MTBX Overnight Mountain Biking Camps: Are planned, organized and supervised by the Director and staff who have extensive previously mountain biking experience and have camped and ridden in all of MTBX overnight camp locations.
  • Camp Schedule: Includes preparing and cooking daily meals outdoor as a group, transportation to daily group trail rides, local jump parks and other group activities. Campers will also relaxing by camp fires under the stars and sleep outdoors in tents at a campsite(s).
  • Overnight Adventure Camps are designed for small groups of advanced riders  who love to mountain bike, and want to challenge themselves physically as they explore exciting new trails and camp in the great outdoors!
  • What To Bring: Riders will need their own mountain bike, helmet, and riding gear plus appropriate clothing for the weather at the time of the camp.  A detailed MTBX Camping List of what to bring for overnight mountain biking camps is also provided to all riders.
  • Gear: Riders will need their own warm sleeping bag, a tent if they prefer to sleep solo, rain gear, outdoor clothing, other clothing appropriate to riding in the location and according to expected weather conditions.
  • Meals: All food is provided and meals are prepared and cooked outdoors during camp by the participants. For the 3 day weekend camps, dinner on the first night while traveling to the destination is purchased from a restaurant.
  • Outdoor Camping: Tents for sleeping in small groups are provided. Those who wish to sleep in their own tent must provide their own 1-2 person tent.
  • Supervision: This event is supervised directly by the experienced MTBX Director and staff who have ridden and camped in these locations prior.

Photos from Tahoe National Forest Overnight Camp
Lake Tahoe area in California, July 2020.

Photos from Stanislaus National Forest Camp
Yosemite area in California, August 2020